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Top 7 Reasons Why MLM Is the Best Business Model for CBD Hemp Oil

7 Reasons to MLM CBD Hemp Oil

Here are 7 top reasons why MLM, multi level marketing or network marketing is really the best business model for buying and selling CBD Hemp Oil

The CBD Hemp Oil business is one of the fastest growing industries right now and will continue to explode during the next few years.

But with that comes a lot of confusion.

With that in mind here are the 7 top reasons why CBD Hemp Oil works best in an MLM company rather than a traditional retail business:

1. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay do not allow CBD Hemp Oil to be sold on their business platform.

Yes, if you type in CBD oil on Amazon you’ll see a lot of bottles of hemp oil come up, but none of them contain CBD.

While hemp oil is great for omega 3’s and 6’s and tastes great on salad, it doesn’t have any of the benefits that full spectrum CBD oil has.

In fact hemp oil only contains about 25 parts per million of CBD oil, whereas CBD oil has at least 2% of more.

You will see CBD Hemp Oil for sale on eBay, but it’s against their policy and they are slowly but surely shutting down the sales of it.

The good news is these sights usually end up in a race to the bottom for pricing.

By the time you pay the online store fees and shipping you don’t have much left for profit.

It’s actually a really crappy way to make a good steady long term profit on for this product.

Without this market, it opens up a lot more customer possibilities for you in your mlm CBD hemp oil business.

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2. Facebook blocks ads that contain CBD hemp oil.

Facebook like most of the major players have taken a very conservative stance when it comes to CBD oil and block it.

In all fairness, you can’t really blame them.

They just can’t ensure that with the thousands of new companies and people selling CBD, that some may not be legal or compliant with the current laws.

These companies made a lot of money and they don’t want to lose it.

So with no Facebook Ads, this also leaves customers fewer choices of where to buy CBD Hemp Oil.

This means more opportunity for your mlm CBD hemp oil business, because people would prefer to buy through someone they have a relationship with.

3. Credit card processing is hard to find for merchants who sell CBD hemp oil.

Just like the big online retailers and social media giants, credit card companies and merchant account suppliers have taken a very conservative stance when it comes to CBD hemp oil sales.

So even if you were able to market CBD hemp oil for retail, would you be stuck only accepting cash?

Most people prefer to buy things with their credit cards and carry little to no cash today.

Working with an mlm company allows them to handle the credit card processing for you.

4. Why take risks when it comes to the legal and compliance issues when dealing with a CBD hemp oil company?

If you are a retailer, you are on your own when it comes to legal and compliance issues when it comes to the various federal, state and local laws regarding CBD sales.

A good mlm company will have already battles most of the legal issues for you. They will also have a compliance team on staff that reviews and keeps all the reps selling everything within the guidelines of various laws, rules and regulations. The company will also provide Food and Drug Administration disclosures and provide guidance on not making medical claims or diagnosis.

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5. Quality of the CBD hemp oil product.

The fact is there is a lot of crap for sale out there right now.

You have guys named Bubba making it in their bathtub.

The FDA sending our warning letters to companies for selling CBD hemp oil products that contain little to no CBD in it.

You have companies using clever marketing to imply their non CBD hemp oil is actually CBD hemp oil. So people are basically overpaying for just plain old hemp oil instead of CBD oil.

With an mlm company, they usually shoot for top quality products instead of racing to the bottom price like most other companies.

6. Building a network, give you leverage of your time and effort in selling CBD hemp oil.

If you are all on your own, and retail CBD hemp oil either online or at a retail shop, you are limited to just your own personal sales.

With new CBD companies popping up every day, that means more and more competition, leaving you to compete against often low quality low price products.

With an mlm company, you are paid not only on your own personal sales, but those of everyone in your organization also.

7. With an mlm company you usually get plenty  of CBD hemp oil training and marketing support.

MLM companies are great at taking someone with little to no knowledge of CBD hemp oil and teaching them product knowledge, sales and marketing knowledge and ensuring everyone is selling in a lawful  and safe manor.

A good mlm company will always supply you with replicated websites designed to sell to customers and recruit affiliates to sell also. These sites usually come at a small cost.

This allows most people to have a professional presence online for a minimal cost.

The 7 top reasons I mentioned may sound like the CBD hemp oil industry has some challenges but this is where a good MLM company really has the advantage.

Never before has there been such a great opportunity where a product is in high demand for top quality, while also having limited competition from the major business giants.

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