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Top 5 Reasons Why HempWorx Customers and Affiliates are Switching to CTFO for Their CBD Oil Products

Top 5 Reasons Why HempWorx Customers and Affiliates are Switching to CTFO for Their CBD Oil Products

While HempWorx and CFTO are both top notch quality companies, HempWorx is about to face some serious competition as CFTO launches it’s CBD product line this Monday 08 JAN 2018.

So why are HempWorx customers and affiliates flocking in droves to CTFO?

Reason 1. Same exact top quality products made by GenCanna Global

Although CTFO has not officially released they are also getting their CBD products from GenCanna Global, it’s quite clear that the product line for both HempWorx and CTFO are from GenCanna Global, which is a good thing since GenCanna Global has the best top of the line products, period.

The only difference on the product is the label that says either HempWorx or CTFO.

Reason 2. Wholesale prices with CTFO instead of retail prices with HempWorx

CTFO beats HempWorx on every price by allowing the customer to purchase at wholesale prices instead of paying retail

Imagine being able to enjoy the top quality CBD products in the world, but yet save tons of money by being to purchase them at wholesale.

Everyone loves a bargain.

Just look below at the price comparison.

Plus CTFO has a much larger selection of CBD products to customize your needs better.

Product Hempworx CTFO Savings
300 mg CBD Drops NA $49.97
500 mg CBD Drops $69 $59.97 $9.03 with CTFO
750 mg CBD Drops $89 $69.97 $19.03 with CTFO
1500 mg CBD Drops NA $99.97
CBD Pain Cream Emu Oil 1 oz. $69 $34.97 $34.03 with CTFO
CBD Pain Cream Emu Oil 2 oz. $138 $49.97 $88.03 with CTFO
CBD Pain Cream Menthol NA $36.97
CBD Vitamin C Drops NA $35.97
CBD Wrinkle Remover Cream NA $39.97
CBD Moisterizing Cream AM/PM NA $36.97
CBD Anti Aging Apple Stem Cell Cream $69 $39.97 $29.03 with CTFO
CBD Anti Aging Neck Cream NA $39.97
CBD Overnight Skin Rejuvenator NA $34.97
CBD Collagen Retinol Cream $69 $36.97 $32.03 with CTFO
CBD Anti Aging Under Eye Cream NA $34.97
CBD Facial Cleanser NA $25.97
CBD Wellness Capsules NA $49.97
CBD Oral Pain Relief Spray NA $24.97
CBD Weight Loss Spray NA $24.97
CBD Energy Spray NA $24.97
CBD Sleep Spray NA $24.97
CBD Anti Stress Spray NA $24.97

Reason 3. Free websites and zero cost for affiliates

The best part is with CTFO you can be in business immediate for no cost. You don’t even have to give a credit card.

Click here to start your own business now.

Reason 4. Better compensation plan

With CTFO the compensation plan is simple and designed to work for everyone including the little guy without much or any experience.

No left leg or right legs to build and having to make decisions of where to place people.

The system automatically places everyone at the best position for you to maximize your compensation.

Click here to sign up for free and see the compensation video and plan.

Reason 5. Lower Requirements to Maintain Maxing out your Commission

With HempWorx to maximize your commission you had to buy in at $599 and then continue to order an additional $199 per month.

With CTFO there is no buy in. Everyone starts the same. The only requirement to maximize your commission is to order $47.74 per month worth of products or have 10 active customers or affiliates and no personal purchase is necessary.

So lock in your free spot and check it out. You have nothing to lose. Click here to see more information about CTFO CBD product prices and our affiliate program.

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