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Top 5 Best Multi Level Marketing MLM and Network Marketing Companies That Have Cannabinoid Products Like CBD Hemp Oil and Copaiba Oil

A lot of us have recently heard about the great benefits from CBD Hemp Oil and Copaiba Oil, while many still don’t know what they do. Or if you’re like me, you wanted to know which Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing companies sell cannabinoid products such as CBD Oil and Copaiba Oil.

There are actually 5 main MLM or network marketing companies that sell cannabinoid products. 3 of the companies have CBD Hemp Oil Products and 2 have Copaiba Oil products.

Top 3 MLM Network Marketing Companies that have CBD products

There are only three network marketing or mlm companies I know about that have CBD products. I’ll rank them below by my personal choice:

#1 HempWorx, which is part of MyDailyChoice.

What can I say? I love HempWorx.

The products are high quality and work great.

The company is debt free and recently grew 3000% in just a couple of months since they added HempWorx to their lineup.

Only a one time $20 affiliate fee which gives you access to replicated websites, training, and too many resources to mention here.

Did I mention a high compensation plan with tons of bonuses?

In fact check it out for free and lock in your free spot by clicking here. Just enter your name and email. Don’t worry I won’t spam you. Phone number is optional. You won’t believe all they offer.  


#2. Kannaway

Kannaway was the pioneer in bringing CBD and the MLM Network Marketing business together.

They really forged the path and paved the way to open up this industry to other companies to come along too.

I have a lot of respect for this company, even though it’s not my first choice.

In additional to the normal product line up, they also have some cool Vape Pens.

Kannaway is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc. stock symbol MJNA, which is a penny stock traded on the Over The Counter (OTC) exchange.

Kannaway charges $54.98 annually to be a brand ambassador. This includes training and self replicated websites.

#3. Club 8

A newer company on the scene. They seem to be adding a lot of new cool products, but it seems like they don’t have what it takes right now to get off the ground.

It also looks like they may be rebranding some direct sales company products.

While it is nice to see new MLM network Marketing companies jump into the CBD industry, this one has yet to prove they have what it takes to make it in this market.

Club 8 charges Around $39 and some change to be an affiliate with them.

Top 2 MLM Network Marketing Companies that have Copaiba Oil products

#1. Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the granddaddy of essential oils.

They have the purest oils around and their company has literally exploded with new reps that number in the millions.

the interesting thing is they have had Copaiba Oil around for a few years, but I’m not sure most of their reps know that it’s a canibinoid and the powerful uses it can be used for.

Unlike CBD oil that works indirectly on the CB2 receptors in our body. Copaiba Oil works directly on the CB2 receptors.

I’ve discovered for me personally, it works more like an amplifier for other oils, including CBD Oil.

I like to take a couple drops of Cobaiba Oil first and wait a moment to feel it’s effect. Then I take my dose of CBD Oil right after that.

The combination of Using both Copaiba Oil and CBD Oil at the same time is powerful for me. I’ve never felt better.

Young Living Essential Oils is my go to choice for Copaiba Oil, because they’ve had it on the markets for years before their competition and there product seems to work better for me than their competitor’s product.

Plus I like that they also have Copaiba in various other products like their shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc.

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To order Copaiba Oil click here.

#2. doTerra

doTERRA recently launder their Copaiba Oil at their 2017 convention in September.

They have some great blogs and information about Copaiba and it’s power on their website.

However, they are years behind their competitor on bring Copaiba Oil to market. They also don’t have Copaiba Oil in their other products like shampoo, conditioner, soar, etc.

So my final ranking in order of the 5 best MLM Network Marketing Comapnies that have cannabinoid products are as follows:

Top 3 CBD Oil Companies

1. HempWorx

2. Kannaway

3. Club 8

Top 2 Copaiba Companies

1. Young Living Essential Oils

2. doTERRA

Be sure to take a free test drive of HempWorx and lock in your free spot by clicking here.

Order your Copaiba Oil from Young Living by clicking here.

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