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Health and Wealth With CTFO CBD Oil

Health and Wealth With CTFO CBD Oil

When most people hear the words” Multi-Level Marketing” their eyes start
to glaze over as they scan the room looking for the quickest exit route to
make their great escape.

We’ve heard many claims from companies on how
their lotions, potions, make-up, hair and skin care products and many other
bedazzled items, WILL change your world. Most companies are brilliant
with their vivid descriptions of their products, which will appeal to every age
bracket out there. The packaging materials, shapes, colors and massive bling
are all great enticements to get people to join their company. Most
companies require you to have some sort of joiner’s fee, buy a special kit
and possibly maintain a website among other details/obligations that must be
enforced in order to remain “active”. Continue reading

Sucralose (Splenda) Health Risk Warning for Popular MLM Network Marketing Weight Loss and Sleep Spray – CTFO CBD Offers Healthy Stevia Alternative

Sucralose (Splenda) Health Risk Warning in Popular MLM Network Marketing Weight Loss and Sleep Spray – CTFO CBD Offers Healthy Stevia Alternative

CTFO CBD offers healthy stevia alternative to sucralose (Splenda) in sleep and weight loss sprays.

My girlfriend recently noticed the sleep spray and weight loss spray we had been using from another MLM Network Marketing company contained sucralose in the product

Although this company’s sleep spray and weight loss spray worked great, I have serious concerns that it contains sucralose. In fact 3 out of their 5 sprays contain sucralose.

In each product label under OTHER INGREDIENTS you will see that sucralose is listed in each of their 3 following sprays: Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons to Open Your Own CTFO CBD MLM Network Marketing Affiliate Program Business for Free

Top 7 Reasons to Open Your Own CTFO CBD MLM Network Marketing Affiliate Program Business for Free

While there are many great MLM Network Marketing companies and products out there and some great affiliate programs. The CBD business is set for explosive growth and CTFO in particular is taking the CBD industry by storm.

Here are the top 7 reasons to jump on board with your own CTFO CBD business: Continue reading

HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil Price Comparison

HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil Price Comparison

Price isn’t always everything when it comes to quality. However, the unique thing about HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil is that they both source their products from the same company.

Yes, you heard me right. HempWorx and CTFO CBD both get their CBD oil products sourced from GenCanna Global out of Winchester Kentucky.

While HempWorx and CTFO CBD both use another company to private label their CBD oil products, the facts remain that both companies use the same exact source.

This makes it easy to do a price comparison. Continue reading

HempWorx Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs CTFO Full Spectrum Plus Isolate CBD Oil

HempWorx Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs CTFO Full Spectrum Plus Isolate CBD Oil

HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil may both claim to have the best and purest CBD products on the planet, but the question that always comes up is which type of CBD oil is the best? Full spectrum or Isolate?

HempWorx claims their full spectrum product is the best CBD oil out there.

But the new kid on the block when it comes to CBD oil, CTFO CBD, says that their product is full spectrum plus isolate CBD oil is the best.

Let’s look at the facts. Continue reading

The Secret that HempWorx Leaders Don’t Want Their Affiliates or Customers to Know About

The Secret that HempWorx Leaders Don’t Want Their CBD Oil Affiliates or Customers to Know About

First of all I want to say that HempWorx is a top notch company with the best products CBD products available on the market.

I was (technically still am, but won’t be for long) an affiliate with them.

I have nothing bad to say about the company. The founders, back office people and affiliates I met online and at the convention in Vegas were really cool. It was like one big happy family.

So why am I writing this article if HempWorx is such a great company and I have no issues with their CBD oil?

Continue reading

The Only 3 Ways to Legally Acquire CBD Oil in the United States

The Only 3 Ways to Legally Acquire CBD Oil in the United States

Not long ago most people had never heard of CBD oil, but today it seems like every other day a new CBD oil company is popping up.

We went from thinking it was something illegal, to now seeing it everywhere from health food stores to gas stations all trying to cash in the CBD Oil rush.

Advertisers state their CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states, but is it?

Companies, people and friends can say whatever they like, but the reality is there are only 3 legal ways to acquire CBD oil in the United States.

Violating it could land you in legal trouble just as bad as if you had heroin on you.

So make sure your product is following one of the 3 legal ways to be able to have CBD oil. Continue reading

Are HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil the New and Improved Charlotte’s Web?

Are HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil the New and Improved Charlotte’s Web?

Many of you may be familiar with the company CW Hemp otherwise known as Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web made headlines years ago when Dr. Sanjay Gupta ran a story about a little girl named Charlotte Figi, who was having around 400 grand mal epileptic seizures per week.

In fact it was so severe that doctors pretty much told Charlotte’s parents she was going to die and to prepare for it.

Charlotte’s parents weren’t about to give up on their daughter though and in their search to save their daughter came across the Stanley Brother’s in Colorado that had developed a strain of marijuana that was high in CBD (the ingredient that has been shown to have a lot of potential medical benefits) and low in THC (the psychoactive ingredient that get you high).

Below is a Ted Talk video by the oldest of the Stanley Brothers, Josh Stanley. Continue reading

Poison Control Center Concerned About Contaminated CBD Oil Sold at Local Smoke Shops

Poison Control Center concerned about contaminated CBD oil sold at local smoke shops

The Utah Poison Control Center is asking people to be cautious when they purchase CBD products at local smoke shops.

Since early November, the Poison Control Center has received many calls from residents who purchased what they thought was CBD oil from local smoke shops, but turned out instead to be a synthetic cannabinoid similar to the drug SPICE. Continue reading

Will CBD Oil Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Will CBD Oil Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to taking CBD oil is, “Will it make me fail a drug test?”

Today most people are at least somewhat familiar with the benefits of CBD oil, but there is still that fear that they could fail an employer mandated drug test. Trust me, no one wants to lose their job and income no matter how positive the benefits are. Continue reading

World Health Organization WHO Finds No Abuse Potential or Public Health Risks from CBD Oil Use and Potential Therapeutic Benefits

The World Health Organization WHO finds no abuse potential or public health risks from CBD oil use and potential therapeutic benefits.

The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence met in Geneva, Switzerland for its 39th annual meeting on 6-10 November 2017.

During the meeting the committee reported that not only did they find no abuse potential or public health risks from using CBD oil, but also that people suffering from many diseases may have therapeutic benefits from taking CBD oil. Continue reading

Charlotte’s Web Compared to HempWorx CBD Oil

How does Charlotte’s Web compare to HempWorx CBD Oil?

Many people are familiar with Charlotte’s Web after seeing Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s piece on CNN showing how little Charlotte Figi used to have about 300 seizures a week, drop to around only 3 to 4 per month taking their product.

While this introduced many people to the possibilities of the medical benefits of CBD oil, what about other companies out such as HempWorx who claim to be a higher quality? Continue reading

Paleo vs Atkins vs Ketogenic Diet

Which diet is better for you? Paleo, Atkins or Ketogenic?

Every now and then you come across a gem on the internet and Anita Tee from Fact vs Fiction is it.

She’s a scientist and provides clear and concise information in an easy to understand format.

But the answer to the question of which diet is best is, it depends on your goals. Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons Why MLM Is the Best Business Model for CBD Hemp Oil

7 Reasons to MLM CBD Hemp Oil

Here are 7 top reasons why MLM, multi level marketing or network marketing is really the best business model for buying and selling CBD Hemp Oil

The CBD Hemp Oil business is one of the fastest growing industries right now and will continue to explode during the next few years.

But with that comes a lot of confusion.

With that in mind here are the 7 top reasons why CBD Hemp Oil works best in an MLM company rather than a traditional retail business: Continue reading

How to Burn Fat Instead of Glucose

As I continue on my weight loss journey, I have been learning of ways to be able to get my body to burn fat instead of glucose.

You see on most diets, people can lose weight, but the problem is they lose muscle along with fat.

Then when they go off their diet, they aren’t burning as many calories due to muscle loss. Then they yo-you up and down the scale, each time increasing their body fat.

I’ve personally struggled with this for years. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Multi Level Marketing MLM and Network Marketing Companies That Have Cannabinoid Products Like CBD Hemp Oil and Copaiba Oil

A lot of us have recently heard about the great benefits from CBD Hemp Oil and Copaiba Oil, while many still don’t know what they do. Or if you’re like me, you wanted to know which Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing companies sell cannabinoid products such as CBD Oil and Copaiba Oil.

There are actually 5 main MLM or network marketing companies that sell cannabinoid products. 3 of the companies have CBD Hemp Oil Products and 2 have Copaiba Oil products. Continue reading

Why Copaiba Oil and CBD Oil Are a Powerful Combination

There is a lot of buzz right now among doTERRA essential oils Wellness Advocates and for good reason. doTERRA just finished their 2017 convention, where they announced that they can now sell sell Copaiba Oil.

But doTERRA isn’t the first company to promote Copaiba Oil. Young Living Essential Oils introduced their Copaiba Oil back in 2009.

What is Copaiba  Oil?

According to Young Living Essential Oils:

Continue reading

In States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal There is a 25 Percent Lower Opioids Death Rate – Dr Oz

Dr. Oz claims that, “In states where medical marijuana is legal, there is a 25% lower opioids death rate.”

The problem is the federal government says marijuana is a Class 1 Schedule Drug.

This means the federal government says that marijuana has no medical use and therefore, is classified the same as heroin.

I’m sure most people would agree with me, when I say I’d rather have a next door neighbor who smokes pot, than one who is shooting up heroin.

Continue reading

HempWorx CBD Oil 100% Certified and Lab Tested a How to Guide for Buying Quality CBD Oil

If you are reading this, you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of CBD oil.

But you’re probably wondering how do you buy a the right kind that will actually work?

Independent third-party lab test results below show that Hemp Worx CBD Oil is amongst the most pure and complete CBD Oils available on the market.

Yes, you can go to your local flee market and probably find a guy named Bubba who made some CBD oil in his bathtub for cheaper.

You’ll also find people who claim their’s cures everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction.

But why waste your money on cheap crap that may not work? Worse yet, you may even risk being exposed to harmful ingredients or so called CBD oil that could even make you sick. Continue reading