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The Secret that HempWorx Leaders Don’t Want Their Affiliates or Customers to Know About

The Secret that HempWorx Leaders Don’t Want Their CBD Oil Affiliates or Customers to Know About

First of all I want to say that HempWorx is a top notch company with the best products CBD products available on the market.

I was (technically still am, but won’t be for long) an affiliate with them.

I have nothing bad to say about the company. The founders, back office people and affiliates I met online and at the convention in Vegas were really cool. It was like one big happy family.

So why am I writing this article if HempWorx is such a great company and I have no issues with their CBD oil?

One main reason: Another company came along with the same exact products but at a much cheaper price.

Nothing other than the price.

Price Comparison Between HempWorx and CTFO products both made by GenCanna Global

Product HempWorx CTFO Savings
500 mg Drops $69 $59.97 $9.03 with CTFO
750 mg Drops $89 $69.97 $19.30 with CTFO
Pain Cream 1 oz. $69 $34.97 $34.03 with CTFO
Pain Cream 2 oz. $138 $49.97 $88.03 with CTFO
Collagen and Retinol Cream $69 $36.97 $32.03 with CTFO
Apple Stem Anti Aging Cream $69 $39.97 $29.03 with CTFO

As you can see the main advantage with CTFO is that you get wholesale pricing that beats HempWorx in each product.

One question that may come up is with HempWorx you can buy a 4 pack to get a discount of 500mg for example.

My answer to this is simple. With HempWorx a 4 pack of 500 mg bottles would cost you $199. But with CTFO you could take same money and buy 2 bottles of 1500 mg, which would be equivalent to 6 bottles of 500 mg. So once again with CTFO you would get 50% more product for the same price.

Both companies have the same exact products, but CTFO actually has 24 products total, so you also get a much larger selection all at wholesale instead of retail prices.

But the HempWorx affiliates I’ve talked to all said their CBD oil products are better than anyone else’s, is this true?

GenCanna Global makes the same product for a lot of different companies.

So yes, it’s true they have the best CBD oil products, but they are not the only game in town.

GenCanna simply slaps a different company label on the CBD products.

The products are identical.

The Secret is HempWorx affiliates and customers don’t know this…Yet.

Still not convinced? During my research I also came across a cosmetic company located outside of Miami that had these photos of their CBD oil products

Now before you get too excited thinking you can buy these CBD products for this price, you can’t

These are the prices the cosmetic company sells to companies who buy in bulk.

Then the company has to pay for their labels, buildings, advertising, employees, lawyers, etc.

Just like any other company, you can see a major expense of the product is getting it to market in front of the consumer.

So the Secret is out about HempWorx and every other CBD oil company out there

Most of them don’t make their own products.

They simply buy from a manufacturer, in this case who puts out top quality products.

HempWorx and CTFO products are identical except for the label.

CTO products are much lower in price.

When it comes to USA grown organic hemp CBD oil products from Kentucky that have no pesticides, herbicides or mildewcides, CTFO CBD has the not only the best products like HempWorx does, but also the best prices

You can view the entire CTFO product line here along with the prices at by clicking here.

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