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In States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal There is a 25 Percent Lower Opioids Death Rate – Dr Oz

Dr. Oz claims that, “In states where medical marijuana is legal, there is a 25% lower opioids death rate.”

The problem is the federal government says marijuana is a Class 1 Schedule Drug.

This means the federal government says that marijuana has no medical use and therefore, is classified the same as heroin.

I’m sure most people would agree with me, when I say I’d rather have a next door neighbor who smokes pot, than one who is shooting up heroin.

Why does the federal government say marijuana has no medical use?

It’s really not a conspiracy between the federal government and the pharmaceutical companies.  Although I’m sure the drug companies would be all for marijuana if they could sell it as a doctor’s prescription and make money off it.

According to Dr. Oz, it comes down to lack of research and funding for research. Which is why Dr. Oz is calling for people to sign a petition for the government to authorize research of marijuana for medical uses.

President Trump declared the opioid crisis a national emergency

I don’t care if you love President Trump or hate him. The fact is he’s right when he says the opioid crisis is a national emergency.

It remains to be seen how he plans to combat it though.

Hopefully President Trump will look at how states with legal medical marijuana, have a 25% lower opioid death rate and declare medical marijuana legal throughout the entire United States.

Opioids are affecting every socioeconomic class

It’s not just the poor ghetto kids who are getting hooked on heroin. It affects everyone, rich and poor alike.

It only takes one time trying heroin to get hooked on it.

Yes, it’s dumb to try it, but think back to when you were a kid and caved into peer pressure.

Or what about adults with chronic pain, who get hooked on prescription opioids?

The reality is it could happen to someone you know and love.

While I support Dr. Oz’s efforts to sign a petition to Fund More Research for Medical Marijuana as a Solution to the Opioid Crisis, there is another legal solution

While my personal opinion is that marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational use, there is one other solution that could also work.

Many people who are opioid addicts, have claimed that CBD oil has helped them kick their opioid habit.

But don’t you need medical marijuana for CBD oil?

The answer is, it depends.

You see there is CBD oil made from two types of cannabis.

The first is what most people are familiar with, and that’s CBD oil made from marijuana plants.

Marijuana plants usually contains about 10% CBD oil, but it also contains THC, which is the psychoactive part of marijuana that makes you high. The THC level could be 20%, 30% or higher.

Then there is the CBD oil made from industrial hemp plants, which are a cousin to marijuana but contain less than .3% THC. This means you won’t get high.

In fact getting high on CBD oil made from industrial hemp, with less than .3% THC, would be like trying to drink near beer to get drunk.

CBD Oil made from industrial hemp, by law, has to contain less than .3% THC. This type of hemp usually contains 20% or more CBD in the plant. This is higher than the CBD in marijuana, which typically only contains 10% CBD.

You don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy this type of CBD oil. It’s legal in all 50 states, as the FDA considers it a dietary food and not a drug as long as it contains only trace amounts of THC less than .3%.

Hemp seeds and hemp oil, which are great on salads also contain trace amounts of THC, but don’t get you high. It won’t get you high anymore that eating poppy seeds on your muffin or bagel will get you high.

The trace amounts of THC (less than .3%) that you find in CBD oil, is comparable to the hemp seeds and hemp oil you see sold in stores and online.

But don’t fall for buying hemp oil that doesn’t contain CBD oil

I know this can be confusing to people, but I see a lot of hucksters trying to sell regular hemp oil and pass it off as CBD oil on places like Amazon for about $29 a bottle.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is no CBD oil sold on Amazon per their policy. So don’t waste your time or money looking there.

You can find it on ebay though, but be careful what brand you buy and who you buy it from.

While hemp oil without CBD in it is good for you, because it contains your omega’s and is heart healthy, you shouldn’t be paying $29 an ounce for healthy salad dressing. Because that’s basically what you are buying.

If you want to buy hemp you should be able to get a big bottle like 16 oz or more for around $20. But it’s not CBD oil and has little health benefits beyond containing omegas and essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Good quality CBD oil should cost you around $69 for a one oz bottle and can last up to a month or more.

If you buy at least 4 bottles at a time you can lower that to around $49 a bottle.

If you can buy in huge quantities, like a retail store or doctor’s office, you could get it possibly as low as $30 to $41 a bottle, if you’re willing to spend $1000 to $7500.

So where can you buy CBD oil without THC, so you don’t get high?

You may be able to find it at your local health food store or buy it online.

But be careful.

You should buy quality, which usually is never the cheapest.

If you want cheap, go see a guy named Bubba, who sells CBD oil out of the back of his van at the flea market. Oh, by the way, Bubba makes his CBD in his bath tub, which may or may not contain who knows what?

You also want to make sure the CBD oil you buy is pure. That it works. That it’s tested by independent labs and that it’s processed in an FDA approved facility for manufacturing food products.

I’ve researched and tried different brands. I recommend what I personally use and that’s the HempWorx brand. To get preferred customer prices and discounts of up to 25% or more, click the following link:  Find out more about Hempworx by clicking on this link. 

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