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In Honor of Veteran’s Day – What You Can Do to Help a Vet In Need Instead of Just Thanking Them

Veteran’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re like me, you may be wondering what you can actually do to help a vet out?

Veteran’s Day is every November 11th, the day after the Marine Corps Birthday on November 10th. However, this year Veteran’s Day will be recognized on Friday 10 November since 11 November is on a Saturday.

As a veteran myself I do enjoy that many restaurants offer a free or discounted meal to any vet. They don’t have to, but the offer is greatly appreciated and let’s us know they do care about us.

But I was wondering what I could do to help out this year. Maybe you have had the same thought but didn’t know what to do.

I recently lost weight and had a ton of old clothes that are way too big for me and just taking up  closet space.

So I found 26 shirts, 15 pairs of pants, 4 belts, 3 pair of shorts, 2 swim trunks and 2 jackets that no longer serve my purpose.

I wanted to find a place to donate them to that would be for vets. So I stopped into the American Legion to pay my annual membership dues and asked.

Sure enough, someone knew exactly where I could take them.

There is a Veteran’s Rummage Sale in Bay City, Michigan near the intersection of Washington and Columbus. It’s right across the street from the Washington Street Pub. Here is a map of the location:

It’s not marked very well, but you’ll notice it by all the US flags out front on the building.

So I loaded up the car and drove there. It turns out a guy I know named Bruce, who is in the Marine Corps League with me,  is the one who created this place.

All the money raised from this goes towards veterans.

If a veteran is in need, they can take what they need from the store for free.

Bruce’s goal is to raise enough money to buy a house for a veteran.

So it didn’t really cost me anything. In fact I benefitted by clearing some space by getting rid of unneeded nice clothes.

I feel great knowing that no matter if someone buys it or a vet in need gets it for free, 100% of my donations will go towards veterans in need.

So if you live locally around Bay City, Michigan consider donating or shopping at the Veteran’s Rummage Sale located near the corner of Washington and Columbus across from the Washington Street Pub

If you’re not from this area, then check with your local American Legion or VFW or other veteran organization where you can make a donation that will go towards Vets.

Thank you