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How to Become a HempWorx Wholesaler for Smoke Shops, Dispensaries, Health Food Stores, Doctors Offices, Online Retailers and Other Retail Establishments

Option 1. Wholesale / Bulk Buying Program

HempWorx is actively looking to expand their CBD oil products to smoke shops, dispensaries, health food stores, doctors offices, online retailers and other retail establishments.

Below is our pricing for wholesalers:

Please note: Our bulk buying and wholesale pricing listed above is for the United States only as of May 15th, 2017. Shipping costs are not included and you must sell the product at our mass advertised price (MAP). You may not undercut our mass advertised price. In the chart above, we have our suggested retail price listed for your retail establishment.

Please download and fill out the form below to become a HempWorx Wholesaler. Being a wholesaler allows you to purchase the HempWorx product line at bulk wholesale price and sell it at our suggested retail price in order to maximize profitability. We allow this for dispensaries, health food stores, online retailers, and other retail establishments. After completing the application, sign and and scan to 

Click Here to Download the HempWorx-Wholesale Application Form

Option 2. Affiliate Program

If you would like to purchase smaller quantities you can join our affiliate program instead of being a wholesaler. For a one time fee of $20 you will be able to buy as little as 4 bottles at a time for only $49.75 each. You will also receive websites for customers and other affiliates to join. As customers and affiliates join and order products you will earn a commission. The company will track and ship all your orders for you. Learn more by clicking below:

Option 3. Preferred Customer Discounts and Retail Customers

If you just want to sample the products you can buy at preferred customer prices by ordering as little as 4 bottles for $49.75 a piece. Or you can still purchase one bottle at normal retail price of $69.00. Learn more by clicking below:

Chose which program above works best for you and join today