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HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil Price Comparison

HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil Price Comparison

Price isn’t always everything when it comes to quality. However, the unique thing about HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil is that they both source their products from the same company.

Yes, you heard me right. HempWorx and CTFO CBD both get their CBD oil products sourced from GenCanna Global out of Winchester Kentucky.

While HempWorx and CTFO CBD both use another company to private label their CBD oil products, the facts remain that both companies use the same exact source.

This makes it easy to do a price comparison.

The good news is HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil have the best products in the world and here’s why

Both HempWorx and CTFO CBD products have these qualities in common:

  • GenCanna Global is the source
  • GenCanna Global co-founder is Josh Stanley from the Stanley Brother’s who created the Charlotte’s Web Strain
  • GenCanna Global strain is similar to Charlotte’s Web strain
  • Organic grown without the use of pesticides, mildewcides, herbicides or harsh chemicals
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Free of harmful heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury
  • Grown in the USA for better quality control from seed to seal
  • Grown in Kentucky which the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) specifies that the flower or bud of the hemp plant is a food and therefore can be used to make CBD, unlike imports from Europe which are only legally allowed to use the stalk and stems of the hemp plant. This means that hemp grown in Kentucky can produce a higher amount of CBD legally than anywhere else in the world.
  • Both use full spectrum CBD oil instead of CBD isolate. Full spectrum has been shown in studies to outperform compared to even higher doses of isolate only, because all the other cannabinoids are included in the full spectrum CBD oil, which produces an entourage or synergistic effect that works better.

The great thing is no other companies can beat HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil when it comes to quality, regardless of price.

There are only 3 major differences between HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil products

  • Initially HempWorx and CTFO CBD start off as the same exact full spectrum CBD oil. However, CTFO goes one step further and then adds CBD pure isolate to their already full spectrum CBD oil. What this does is boost the CBD level from 2% to 25% CBD.
  • The pain cream in HempWorx 1 oz product only contains 50 mg of CBD. The pain cream in the CTFO 1 oz product contains 60 mg of CBD and the 2 oz product contains 150 mg of CBD.
  • The third major difference is price.

Keep in mind that CTFO CBD is not an isolate only as some people claim, but simply a full spectrum CBD oil with a CBD isolate boost to it to improve the potency. Adding the isolate takes nothing away from the full spectrum, but simply adds to it.

Now let’s compare the prices of HempWorx and CTFO CBD oil products that both companies have in common

Below is a comparison of buying a single product only and also buying a package discount to get the lowest possible price.

HempWorx offers a 4 pack purchase to get the best price and CTFO offers a 3 pack purchase to get the lowest possible price. These will be calculated at the individual price per product to show the comparison.

CTFO also offers an additional 5% discount if you place an autoship order to purchase products automatically each month. This is not a requirement, but it is a great way to get an extra 5% off. Plus you can change or cancel your autoship order at any time.

ProductHempWorxCTFOSavings PriceSavings Percent
500mg single bottle6959.97$9.03 with CTFO13.1 % with CTFO
500mg package discount49.7549.99$0.24 with HempWorx0.0 % with HempWorx
750mg single bottle8969.97$19.03 with CTFO21.4% with CTFO
750mg package discount69.7556.66$13.09 with CTFO18.8% with CTFO
Pain Cream 1 oz6934.97$34.03 with CTFO49.3% with CTFO
Pain Cream 2 oz *13849.97$88.03 with CTFO63.8% with CTFO
Apple Stem Cell Cream6939.97$29.03 with CTFO42.1% with CTFO
Collagen Retinol Cream6936.97$32.03 with CTFO46.4% with CTFO
ProductHempWorxCTFO 5% **Savings PriceSavings Percent
500mg single bottle6956.97$12.03 with CTFO17.4% with CTFO
500mg package discount49.7547.49$2.26 with CTFO4.5% with CTFO
750mg single bottle 8966.47$22.53 with CTFO25.3% with CTFO
750mg package discount69.7553.82$15.93 with CTFO22.8% with CTFO
Pain Cream 1 oz6933.22$35.78 with CTFO51.9% with CTFO
Pain Cream 2 oz *13847.47$90.53 with CTFO65.6% with CTFO
Apple Stem Cell Cream6937.97$31.03 with CTFO45% with CTFO
Collagen Retinol Cream6935.12$33.88 with CTFO49.1% with CTFO
* HempWorx does not offer a 2 oz product so we added the price for 2 jars of 1 oz Pain Cream
** CTFO offers a 5% discount for autoship orders which you can change or cancel at any time.
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While HempWorx and CTFO CBD both offer great products, you can see that CTFO beats HempWorx with better quality and price savings.

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