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Are HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil the New and Improved Charlotte’s Web?

Are HempWorx and CTFO CBD Oil the New and Improved Charlotte’s Web?

Many of you may be familiar with the company CW Hemp otherwise known as Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web made headlines years ago when Dr. Sanjay Gupta ran a story about a little girl named Charlotte Figi, who was having around 400 grand mal epileptic seizures per week.

In fact it was so severe that doctors pretty much told Charlotte’s parents she was going to die and to prepare for it.

Charlotte’s parents weren’t about to give up on their daughter though and in their search to save their daughter came across the Stanley Brother’s in Colorado that had developed a strain of marijuana that was high in CBD (the ingredient that has been shown to have a lot of potential medical benefits) and low in THC (the psychoactive ingredient that get you high).

Below is a Ted Talk video by the oldest of the Stanley Brothers, Josh Stanley.

It’s a touching video that will give you some insight about what I’m about to reveal to you, that most people do not know.

How Josh Stanley ties into Charlotte’s Web, HempWorx and CTFO CBD

As you may have noticed in the video, Josh Stanley passion seems to be towards the medicinal benefits from CBD oil and not so much the recreational use of marijuana.

Josh, along with his brother’s created the Charlotte’s Web strain, but later decided that the laws in Colorado were too restrictive and wanted a way to help people not just in Colorado, but nationally and all over the world.

So Josh let his brother’s business to take to become a cannabis activist.

Josh Stanley founded Strains of Hope, a non-profit company and GenCanna Global Enterprises, a for profit company

Strains of Hope is a non-profit organization promoting safe and reliable access to medical cannabis.

GenCann Global Enterprises is a for-profit company marketing “cannabinoid replacement therapy” through nutraceuticals made from hemp grown in Kentucky.

Here is the secret most people don’t know about Gencanna

GenCanna was co-founded by Josh Stanley of the Stanley Brothers from Colorado, the same brothers who make Charlotte’s Web or CW Hemp.

Josh started GenCanna with strains of hemp that are similar to the Charlotte’s Web strain.

This means that the Charlotte’s Web stain and the GenCanna strain of hemp are almost identical. In fact they are most likely an improved strain.

The main difference between the Charlotte’s Web strain and the GenCanna strain is that GenCanna is Organic and grown without pesticides, herbicides and mildewcides, where Charlotte’s Web does state on their website that they do use these chemicals

So while both products work and provide great results, to me it makes more sense to use the stains from GenCanna in Kentucky which are organic without all the harsh chemicals.

As anyone who knows anything about hemp, is that hemp sucks up everything in the soil including pesticides, herbicides, and mildewcides.

In fact that is why they often use hemp to clean the soil in toxic waste areas. Hemp will pull out all the toxins. Of course you dispose of that hemp and not use it for consumption.

There are two main companies I know that use GenCanna’s products, HempWorx and CTFO CBD

The HempWorx brand uses GenCanna products exclusively with the HempWorx label on the products.

I have personally tried many different CBD products, but noticed a huge difference in quality with the GenCanna products sold by HempWorx.

Hempworx was launched around May of 2017 and is part of MyDaily Choice.

HempWorx products are great and really work for me.

I even went to the HempWorx convention in Las Vegas during OCT 2017.

The CTFO CBD brand will also use GenCanna products exclusively.

Although CTFO has not officially announced that their source is GenCanna, I have personally used HempWorx’s GenCanna products and I’m very familiar with GenCanna’s line. No one else I know of makes these products and they appear to be identical except for the label on the bottle.

I am 99.99% certain that HempWorx and CTFO CBD products are identical and made by GenCanna Global Enterprises

So what’s the difference between HempWorx and GenCanna’s products?

Nothing other than the price.

Price Comparison Between HempWorx and CTFO products both made by GenCanna Global

Product HempWorx CTFO Savings
500 mg Drops $69 $59.97 $9.03 with CTFO
750 mg Drops $89 $69.97 $19.30 with CTFO
Pain Cream 1 oz. $69 $34.97 $34.03 with CTFO
Pain Cream 2 oz. $138 $49.97 $88.03 with CTFO
Collagen and Retinol Cream $69 $36.97 $32.03 with CTFO
Apple Stem Anti Aging Cream $69 $39.97 $29.03 with CTFO

As you can see the main advantage with CTFO is that you get wholesale pricing that beats HempWorx in each product.

One question that may come up is with HempWorx you can buy a 4 pack to get a discount of 500mg for example.

My answer to this is simple. With HempWorx a 4 pack of 500 mg bottles would cost you $199. But with CTFO you could take same money and buy 2 bottles of 1500 mg, which would be equivalent to 6 bottles of 500 mg. So once again with CTFO you would get 50% more product for the same price.

Both companies have the same exact products, but CTFO actually has 24 products total, so you also get a much larger selection all at wholesale instead of retail prices.

You can view the entire CTFO product line here along with the prices at by clicking here.

The site is launching tomorrow on 08 JAN 2018 and should be ready to take orders in the afternoon or evening. If not please check back.

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