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Dustin Conner

In 2009 I dislocated my shoulder, after getting it out back in place it kept slipping out of socket so I had a surgery to try and stabilize it. The surgery failed and I was referred to another orthopedic Dr who specializes in shoulders, this Dr revised what was done on the first surgery and it did not work also. So I had to have surgery number 3, during this surgery they performed what is called a laterjet procedure and it involves cutting off a small piece of bone from the shoulder / collarbone area and place in towards the front of your shoulder socket to keep the shoulder from slipping out forward. My shoulder was also tightened pretty well during this surgery, as well as repairing a rotator cuff tear and a labrum tear. During this whole process I was in the military and hadn’t had a physical fitness test for a few years due to the shoulder issue. About 5 months after this surgery the Dr released me from his care and said that it will just take time to heal, well the military took this as an ok for me to return to normal duty and made me come in to take a PT test. During this test as I was doing push-ups my shoulder dislocated out the back. This lead to surgery number 4 and my subsequent release from the military. Which wasn’t all bad because I received a medical retirement due to the shoulder being so messed up. During this whole process I was in constant pain and taking 3-4 hydrocodone a day just to manage my pain. Then my friend told me about this product he had been taking called CBD oil, I asked him what the heck it was and how it was supposed to help me. He told me he took it for his PTSD and some people took it for pain, so I said what the heck and gave it a shot. I started taking 10 – 15 drops of the 500 mg CBD peppermint oil in the morning and In about 2 weeks I was off of the hydrocodone and only taking ibuprofen a few times a week when my shoulder started aching real bad. Before I started taking the CBD I had already scheduled surgery number 5 because my shoulder was still loose and just slipping out of socket if I didn’t keep it in a guarded position. I had surgery number 5 on September 27, 2017 and only took the prescribed pain killers for 2 days after because I didn’t like how they made me feel and honestly I wasn’t in that much pain thanks to the CBD I had been taking. I can remember being  on the strong narcotic pain killers for a few weeks to a month after each of my other 4 surgeries and was surprised at how much different the pain level was after this latest surgery. Not only am I taking the 10 – 15 drops everyday I also rub the CBD oil on my shoulder and that seems to have a better effect than icy hot. So If you are on the fence on whether to try CBD I say that you try it because it can only improve your situation and can’t hurt it any.
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Quan Lesane

I have been taking Zoran for 8 years now for nausea. Today I received my pure CBD oil from Hemp Worx and within seconds the nausea went away…literally…I am so happy I can leave the chemicals and side effects alone bc this products is pure hemp seed oil!!! Bye bye long term meds!


Jenna Zwagil

After suffering from bipolar my whole life, I am finally able to keep it under control and live my life. Not only am I happier, my moods have completely stabilized. I owe CBD al the the thanks, but Hemp Worx makes exceptionally pure products. 750mg for 89! That’s a great plus, plus they have BOGO deals. Five stars from me!


Keri Dawn Fennewald

I wanted to share my results with CBD Oil. I started taking CBD oil to help with my bipolar type 1, anxiety, depression and stage 4 endometriosis. Recently I had 2 spots show up on my face. One on my chin, one on my cheek and one on the waterline of my eye which has been there almost 2 years. The spot on my eye started hurting and everyone convinced me it was a stye. After going to the Dr I found out it was skin cancer and declined traditional treatment. I’ve watched my friends mother go through the battle and that route was not for me. Last Friday I took my health into my hands and began applying CBD oil directly to each spot morning and night while continuing drops sublingual as well. I was advised to cover the spots and opted not to do that. The spot by my eye was tricky to do and not get it in my eye. By night one 2 of my spots looked worse and I freaked. Apparently this is normal as it brings the cancer to the surface so I calmed down and continued. Day 2,3 & 4 they all looked ugly, very ugly and brown except my waterline which was whiter and red. Day 5 the spot on my waterline and chin is down to half the size it was when I began. The spot on my cheek was the size of a pencil eraser with a brownish outline. Day 6 I could barely see the spot on my cheek. Day 7 the spot on my cheek is gone, no discoloration nothing but, there’s a tiny scar. The spot on my chin is now a quarter of the size it was the day before. No change from Day 6 on my waterline spot. I’m going by my Doctors office tomorrow so he can see for himself in person the results I’ve had since last Friday. He said, typically with CBD oil it takes 3 weeks and I should continue using it on all spots a minimum of 3 weeks. I don’t cry and this made me cry happy tears as this scared the hell out of me. I’ve took pictures to document my results and my hope is by telling my story it helps at least one other person. I’ll include a picture of my eye so you can see the difference yourself.


Lisa Davis

I am in LOVE with the CBD oil! Day 5 and I feel awesome! Here is how it helped me: Heartburn – gone. Neuropathy pain – managed. Restless Leg Syndrome – haven’t had symptoms in 3 days! Focus – increased. Motivation – increased. Mood – I feel so happy…nothing negative.

This product rocks!


Melissa Honeybee

I’m in love with the hemp oil. I’ve had chronic knee pain for 20 yrs from playing soccer in college and it’s GONE! I’m a HUGE fan and will be sharing my testimony to everyone. It’s a relief to finally have relief from not aching all the time ! I’m a believer! I have had 5 knee surgeries in my life and need 2 more…( soccer goalie) Hempworx is the ONLY thing that’s given me relief from the constant aching pain. I’m a true believer in this product!


Sonia Line

I don’t like being labeled so I don’t often speak about my mental differences.

OCD ADHD BIPOLAR PTSD are things I only learned about a few years ago even though my whole life I knew my mind was different than others. I have smoked marijuana since I have been 13 and that helped me but some days it gets my anxiety spiking.

Doctors prescribed me many different pills and I never found one that just made me feel ok and I hated swallowing them. I either was zombie, tired, couldn’t sleep and they were so strong it even affected my sex drive. I did quit medications two years now but my mood energy and anxiety still had spikes. Been using CBD oil drops from Hemp Worx 1 week now and I feel ALIVE HAPPY and even though lots of stressful family emergencies happened this week I was able to control my mood anxiety, I noticed my skin has improved and I sleep longer then ever before!

Really satisfied!


Morgan Hudson

Did my first drops last night and I’ve seriously had such a good day today! I woke up feeling rested and not anxious what-so-ever. I even had some very vivid dreams, so I don’t if that means I got a deeper sleep or what, but I’ll take it! I never dream anymore.

I was much calmer and patient today and just ENJOYED the day today…like it was a legitimate enjoyable day and I felt such genuine appreciation for the NOW. I’m blown away already by this #HempWorx stuff because it’s bringing back who I KNOW I am.


Megan Shudark

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was taking Xeljanz, I have personally used the cbd oil for 2 months 500mg, 20 drops 2x a day. I have since reduced the inflammation in my knees and hips, and I no longer take Xeljanz. I do have an occasional ache in the knee and I have been using relief and experienced no pain after.


“I’m beyond impressed! This is the difference in my son’s hand with 3 drops of CBD oil applied directly to his skin at 7:48Ppm last night…this morning it looked so much better!

No need for the side effects of those steroid creams, one of which is “it thins the skin”…which is not what we need here.

CBD oil heals.”

Debbie T


“CBD also works on pets! My daughters 15 year old cat was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease 5 months ago. He began to have rapid decline in health, we were preparing for euthanasia. After 1 dose of CBD, he began eating his kidney approved food and was playing like a kitten, which we haven’t seen in many months!” Jamie Marie


I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the CBD oil. It has changed my son. I don’t have to remind him to take it because he knows it’s helping him. Thank you! I feel like I almost have my sweet boy back. You are a life saver because I didn’t know what I was going to do. He got bullied in school so he then started bullying kids and was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. They have no meds that can help for what he has but they wanted to try all kinds of meds on him. I kept telling them no but he was getting worse. Thank you again! Anonymous