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HempWorx CBD Oil Compared to Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shot

HempWorx CBD Oil Compared to Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shot

Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shot

I noticed one of the local pawn shops in Bay City is now selling Sapphyre CBD Wellness shots for $6 a piece.

On  the Sapphyre website it states the following:

Each 10ml bottle contains 12.5mg of 100% natural CBD.
• Reduces Stress & Pain
• Rich in Healthy Amino Acids
• Powerful Antioxidant
• Supports Overall Well-being*
The website also recommends the following:

How to use Sapphyre CBD

The Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shot can be taken orally or can be used in a vaporizer. This allows a wide range of customers to benefit from CBD. For optimal effect, 50mg of CBD per day are recommended. We recommend drinking four per day.

Sapphyre Price is $6 per shot.

Doing some quick math on the Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shot

Let’s give Sapphyre the benefit of the doubt and assume their product does everything they say.

4 doses at $6 per dose = $24 per day.

$24 per day x 7 days = $168 per week.

$24 per day x 30 days = $720 per month.

$24 per day x 365 days = $8760 per year.

I don’t know about you, but that cheap $6 shot adds up to a lot of money.

I mean I could buy a nice sports car for that much a month or even a house in my area.

Doing some quick math on HempWorx CBD Oil

A bottle of HempWorx 500 mg can be bought by the single bottle, in packs of 4 or packs of 12 for deep discounts.

Each 1 oz / 30 ml bottle contains 1000 drops.

20 drops 2 x per day is the recommended standard dose.  Many people use a lower dosage.

Using the standard dosage, each HempWorx bottle would contain 50 doses or what most people use per month.

$69 per month x 12 = $828 per year vs. $8,760 per year for Sapphyre. A savings of $7,932 per year.

Or you could buy an entire year’s worth of HempWorx for only $599 vs. Sapphyre at $8,760 per year. That’s a savings of $8,161 per year.

Or you can buy 4 months at a time also for only $199.

No matter which option you choose, you’re saving around $8000 per year using HempWorx CBD Oil instead of Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shots

But no need to thank me.

Instead you owe it to yourself to save money while getting the top quality CBD oil by clicking here to buy from Bay City HempWorx. 

Ok, I’m saving around $8000 per year by buying HempWorx CBD Oil instead of Sapphyre CBD Wellness Shots, but what about quality?

This is one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind.

We all want to get the top shelf CBD oil that actually works at a fair price right?

Sapphyre claims to be organic. Let’s assume they are, but where are their lab tests and where is the information on their sourcing?

While Sapphyre doesn’t state how they extract their CBD, I’m going to assume they use a CBD isolate which is cheaper and less effective than HempWorx full spectrum, CO2 extraction method of organic, non-GMO hemp. To learn more about HempWorx and why their product is superior click here 

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Sapphyre’s Affiliate Program

15% to 25% based on gross sales volume per month.

You only own your customer for 1 year.

HempWorx Affiliate Program

You can start at the Executive Rank level and commissions are as follows:

  • 25% retail commissiom
  • 50% fast start commission
  • 15% to 20% binary commission
  • 30% leadership check matching bonus
  • Global bonus pool
  • Rank incentives and bonuses
  • VIP Auto Club bonus
  • Elite Expense Account bonus
  • You get paid on your customer for life
  • You get paid on other affiliates you introduce to HempWorx
  • You get paid on wholesale accounts for retailers you sign up

Clearly HempWorx commission plan is superior to Saphhyre’s

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Order HempWorx now by clicking here. Grown in the USA. Organic. Non-GMO. Full Spectrum CBD Oil with 30 day money back guarantee. 

Check out HempWorx affiliate compensation plan by clicking here and then clicking on the opportunity link.