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HempWorx CBD Oil Compared to Creating Better Days CBD Edible Peach Rings

HempWorx CBD Oil Compared to Creating Better Days CBD Edible Peach Rings

Who doesn’t love the taste of peach rings?

But is it the best way to get your dose of CBD oil?

The other day I stopped in one of the local head shops in my home town of Bay City, Michigan to see what they carried as far as CBD oil products.

I notice they had edibles. So I tried the Creating Better Days CBD edible peach rings.

There were a total of 10 peach rings in it, so each peach ring had 15 mg dosage it.

There were warnings on the bag, that it was a concentrated dose, so to start out with a small piece first and gradually work your way up.

So I tried the first peach ring and waited but nothing happened.

But I figured I would give it some time as it was an edible and I didn’t want to take too much.

But after a while I took a 2nd peach ring and waited.

Still nothing.

Finally I ended up eating the entire bag of CBD edible peach rings and waited, but still nothing.

What a disappointment. Especially when the price was $31.94 for the bag.

So I’m not sure if this was CBD isolate or CBD full spectrum oil they used in the product.

I could not find any information online, but because nothing happened after taking an entire 150 mg of supposed CBD, I’m assuming it was isolate, which is cheaper to make and less effective unless you use much higher doses.

I currently use HempWorx full spectrum CBD oil that is non-GMO, organic and grown in the US. When I take 15 mg of HempWorx CBD oil I feel it almost immediately.

Even if the Creative Days CBD edible peach rings did live up to their promise (which they did not), let’s take a look at the cost effectiveness.

CBD oil is a product that is best when taken daily for a long period of 2 months or longer to feel the full effect.

Cost per dose HempWorx CBD Oil compared to Creating Better Days CBD edible peach rings

Creating Better Days CBD Elibe Peach Rings

At $31.94 a bag for 10 peach rings, that comes out to $3.19 per dose.

Assuming one would need 2 doses per day that’s $6.38 per day.

$6.38 per day x 30 days = $191.40 per month.

$191.40 per month x 12 months = $2,296.80 per year.

HempWorx CBD Oil

At $69 per bottle for 50 doses, that comes out to $1.38 per dose.

Buying a pack of 4 bottles gives you a discount to where your price is only $49.50 per bottle. So that comes out to $0.99 per dose.

So again a bottle per month is either $69 or $49.75 depending if you buy at full price or a discount.

That comes out to a total of $828 per year buying at full price or $599 buying at a discount for a year’s supply.

HempWorx saves you $1468.80 to $1697.80 per year over the Creating Better Days CBD Edible Peach Rings

Plus the biggest reason to use HempWorx CBD Oil is it actually works, unlike the Creating Better Days Edible Peach Rings which had zero effect. 

So order at Bay City HempWorx today and save up to $1697 per year by clicking here.

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Then you can go to the Dollar Store and buy 1697 bags of peach rings or spend it on other things.