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11 Secret Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off No Matter What Diet You Are On

For the first time in my life I feel like I no longer have to worry about losing weight or keeping it off.  I think what I learned can be applied to most diets.

Here is my before and after picture where I lost 36 pounds in 40 days on the HCG Diet.

That first picture is around the 4th of July weekend when I was at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been.

The other picture is 40 days after losing my first 36 pounds on round #1 of the HCG diet.

And here I am today. Still keeping the weight off and losing more right now.

I’m on round #2 of the HCG diet, day 14 of 40 days and have lost another 9 pounds on this round so far.

But what I’m doing doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is what you can do in your own life.

With that said I will tell you a little bit about what I’ve done to lose the weight and keep it off.

But I’ll also warn you, it’s not for everyone . In fact I don’t recommend it to most people. Simply because they don’t have the discipline and will-power to follow through with it. Or they will find ways to cut it down or make excuses why it won’t work.

I’m not here to sell you on the HCG diet. I’m proof what I’m doing works for me. What will work for you may be the same or it may be something different.

What I really want to do is give you some ideas, tips or secrets if you will, that  I believe would work on any diet you choose that works for you.

Then you own it. Whether you lose the weight you want or not, is all up to you and no one else.

Tip #1 – No matter what diet you choose, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s simple.

The tips I’ll give you won’t be easy to do, but they will be simple.

What that means is your game plan will be very simple to follow.  There is nothing complicated that you won’t understand.

However, with that said, it won’t be an easy task. You will need a lot of will-power and discipline to follow through and do things exactly.

It’s best if you have a partner to do this with. You keep each other accountable and are less likely to quit.

Tip #2 – There is no magic pill, spray, cream, potion or lotion.

Sorry if you are disappointed to hear that, but I’m not going to blow smoke up your butt and tell you there is a magic fix just to get you to buy something. If anyone tells you that, be very leary.

In fact there is no one thing that works. It’s a combination of things you do that will create the results you want.

Tip #3 – Most diets really have 2 things in common, but there can be more to it.

Diet and exercise are usually what makes most diet work.

Some products are merely extra nutrition only, while others have benefits that can help suppress your appetite, or help to block fat or burn fat quicker.

It’s also important to get enough sleep. I have problems getting to sleep at night. I take a sleep spray that puts me out within 15 to 20 minutes and helps me get a good night’s sleep.  Getting a good night’s sleep can help you lose weight.

I also use CBD oil and Copaiba oil to help with my general overall health to lose weight.

While exercise is a great addition to help you lose weight, if it’s some high intensity thing you have to do by going to the gym for hours 7 days a week, you probably won’t be able to maintain it and the weight will come back once you stop hitting the gym.  Pick something simple you can stick with, even if it’s just going to a nice daily long walk.

Tip #4 – You can’t keep eating tons of junk food and expect to keep the weight off.

You’re not going to be able to continue to pile drive bags of chips, candy bars, pizza and other crap into your pie hole  every day and take some special product that make the fat fall off you no matter what you eat.

You have to decide what’s more important to you. Your health or junk food? This doesn’t mean you can never have any. It just means you will need to learn to train your body to look at junk food as an indulgence for special occasions  instead of a daily treat you are entitled to.

Some of you may not like what I’m saying and that’s ok. I’m here to tell the brutal truth. Not to sugar coat things. Pun intended.

Tip #5 – You don’t have to give up your meat, but you do need to switch mainly to a plant based diet.

You don’t need to become a raw food vegan, but the people who live the longest in the world have a diet that is mainly plant based with a little bit of meat.

I find that it’s easy to add more vegetables to crowd out the meat, instead of just going cold Turkey and cutting out the meat entirely.

Again it’s ok and perhaps more beneficial to have some meat in your diet. A good goal would be to have 80% or more of your diet plant based.

Also be cautious of your salad dressings. A lot of them labeled as low fat are harmful to your weight loss. They can be loaded with sugars and carbs.

Some good alternative dressings can use be to use small amounts of extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed, hemp seed oil, red wine vinegar, or balsamic vinegar. Be sure to check out of recipes for current and new healthy dressings that taste great.

Tip #6 – Monitor your sugar and carbs.

Refined sugar and carbs are the two main enemies for most people including myself.

There is nothing that will pack weight on faster for me than eating sugar and carbs.

It’s still important to have healthy sugars from natural fruit and healthy carbs from plants, but monitor it to make sure you’re not having too much.

As far as refined sugar there are some good alternatives alternatives such as real honey, stevia and Truvia. I know some people may disagree with me on this, but I prefer Truvia. It’s not natural, but has almost no carbs and tastes great. While real honey is natural, it still has a lot of natural sugars in it and should be avoided while trying to lose weight. It can be added back in moderation after your maintenance phase is successful.

We’ve even come up with some great recipes where we use Truvia in place of sugar to make no bake cookies and ice cream that taste great and is healthy. These aren’t for the 40 day HCG diet we use to lose weight, but we eat them daily on the maintenance plan and are able to maintain our weight.

Even healthy carbs from beans or whole grains can pack the weight back on. Try to eat only one type of carb like this for the day and see how it impacts your weight. If you have problems with it increasing your weight, you may need to limit the amount you eat or even eliminate it entirely.

Tip #7 – Find a diet you can live with.

This is a huge one I’ve learned. I’ve used the HCG diet to lose weight, but there are a million diets out there that you can lose weight on. Some good and others not so much. But it’s really about finding the right one for you.

The HCG diet is what has worked great for me for quick weight loss, but again I don’t recommend it for most people. In fact I tell them not to do it.

Not because it doesn’t work. It works extremely well, but you have to be very disciplined and follow it exactly. If you can’t do that, then it’s not for you.

For me, the HCG diet is the fastest way to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick your own favorite diet. Because if you find something that works for your body and you enjoy it and can stick with it, then that’s what you should be doing.

So experiment with different diets. See how it works for you. Do you have the discipline to stay on it? What kind of results are you getting? If you are satisfied with it, then stick to it.

Tip #8 – Make sure you have a maintenance plan.

This is probably the biggest thing I’ve learned on my HCG diet.

Most of us can lose weight on just about any diet. But the real problem is keeping the weight off.

This is where the maintenance plan comes into play.

Here is an example of how this worked on my 40 Day HCG Diet:

  • Days 1 and 2 are the easiest. You do what is called fat loading. So you get to out and eat a ton of greasy bacon, sausage, ice cream, cookies, candy, etc. The goal is to pre-load with fat so your body is used to burning it. If only the rest of the diet were this easy.
  • Days 3 through 37  are the toughest as you are limited to only eating 500 calories a day. I know it doesn’t sound like much. It isn’t. But you are taking the HCG Hormone Drops will you do this. Trust me, don’t even attempt to do this without the HCG Hormone Drops.
  • Days 38 – 40 still such as you are limited to 500 calories, but now you’re not taking the HCG Hormone Drops. So your appetite is coming back with a vengeance.
  • During the next 3 weeks you will be on the maintenance phase. During this phase you will gradually increase your calories from 500 per day up to 1500 per day. You will slowly add back healthy carbs and foods. Limit it to only one new addition per day. See how you do. Monitor your weight and do not exceed a gain of more than 5 pounds. If you do then you need to cut back down and get back below 5 pounds. It’s easier to only have to lose 5 pounds than it is 20, 50 or 100 pounds by not checking your weight daily and letting it spiral out of control.

As you can see the HCG diet above is not for most people. But you can apply the maintenance phase to any diet you are on. When you come off your diet, do it over a 3 week period with gradual increases in how much and what you can eat.

After 3 weeks eat mostly healthy but allowing for some non healthy indulgences. Just be sure to monitor your weight. If you go up more than 5 pounds from your bottom weight, then you need to cut back and make adjustments until you are under the 5 pounds.

Tip #9 – Get your mental state in order.

Sometimes we eat not because we are hungry, but because we are bored, or use food as a coping mechanism for your mental and emotional problems.

In my case I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety. I have found that taking CBD oil and Copaiba oil helps me and puts me in a better state of mind. It has become my new coping mechanism in place of food.

Tip #10 – Don’t try to do everything at once. Take baby steps.

I’ve listed a lot of things I’ve done above, but don’t think you have to start off doing them all at once.

It can be overwhelming and cause you to fail.

Instead take some baby steps and do one simple thing at a time.

Once you conquer it, then move on to another baby step.

Here are some examples of things you can do and feel free to pick and choose them in whatever order you choose:

  1. Replace your unhealthy addiction to Coke, Pepsi, soda, pop, etc. with water, tea and coffee.
  2. Cut out red meat.
  3. Add more vegetable and fruits to your diet to crowd out your meat and sugary desserts.
  4. Start simple enjoyable exercise like taking a long walk or a bike ride.
  5. Find a partner to do your journey to health together. It provides accountability.
  6. Start the HCG diet or whatever diet you like.
  7. Stop eating candy, cookies, and ice cream. Replace it with healthier alternatives like fruit or even no bake cookies and ice cream made with Truvia instead of sugar.
  8. Limit your alcohol content. A glass of wine or a beer now and then can be healthy for you. But just make sure to limit it to one or two.
  9. Use CBD oil for overall health.
  10. Use Copaiba oil for overall health.
  11. Use a maintenance plan to gradually increase your calories and foods instead of just going back to eating like you always have. and make sure to never let your weight go up by more than 5 pounds.
  12. Get your mental frame of mind in order.

It’s ok to start with just one of these things or add your own.

By adding more of these steps you will find it can have a synergistic effect on your overall health and weight loss goals.

Tip #11 – Never give up.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is to never give up no matter what.

A good friend of mine Tim, once gave me some great but simple advice when I was going through a down period in my life. He told me you may not always be able to go forward, but never go backwards.

No matter how good our life is, we will always have challenges to overcome.

If you feel like you are at the lowest point in your life right now, the good news is you’re on your way up.

I just an average person. I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I was age 28.

I’ve played the yo-yo diets and lost and gained it all back. But now I have finally found how to not only lose weight, but keep it off permanently.

I’m not at my final destination, but as my friend said I’m moving forward and not backwards.

There will be times where your weight will stall and no matter what you do you’ll be stuck. Don’t give up.. Just stick with it and eventually the weight loss will start again.

There will be times where you will gain weight even though you are following the instructions. It’s ok, our body works this way and eventually you will drop the weight.

The biggest thing is never give up.

I hope you found something useful in this article and one or more of my 11 Secret Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off No Matter What Diet You Are On will benefit you. 

Feel free to ask questions or share your own story by commenting.

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